Xiwei Ying

This is Xiwei Ying

Xiwei Ying is TDTM’s “token Asian guy”, he single-handedly gives this site credibility. Xiwei and his wife Rachel are both tech nuts, and love spreading their love with their daughters Elly and Abby. When Xiwei is on his tablet on the couch watching Dr.Who, so are his daughters. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Xiwei has been in the Android modding community since the beginning of the HTC Dream days and loves to root on command. He is also an avid gamer and loves watching the MLG (Nerd). On his spare time he likes to contact Ryan Mills and leave emotional voice mails only to realize they will be posted publicly online. You can find Xiwei on Google+.

Quick Stats: He settled in the Americas after his travels with David Cardamine from Kung fu where he learned the art of Tai-Chi from monastery monks. Because of the time clash no one really knows his age. Some are to believe that he may be a Highlander or Asian terminator sent to the future to destroy.

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