Ryan Mills


This is Ryan Mills

Ryan Mills is a family man, who likes to annoy his lovely wife of 5 years (Kristen) to death with his love of technology. He has two beautiful children, Andrew (oldest) and Adalynn (youngest). Andrew ( Which constantly gets typed as Android), is right behind his dad on the geek scale, Adalynn is closing in on both of them. Ryan, has an Associate Degree in IT Computer Networking Systems and is co-founder of TDTM. He also runs a small business called RAM Solutions out of Tampa, FL. He is well-trained in the art of trolling and loves to feed his kind when possible to feel needed, and will usually troll without warning.

Quick Stats: Loves long walks on the beach with Polo Heysquierdo. You can find him almost 24/7 on Google+ and is a self-proclaimed “Googler” (Sounds like a creeper if you ask me). Also will eat anything… ANNNYYYTTTHHHING, drinks alcohol  and enjoys social gatherings OPPOSITE of the party kind.

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