Polo Heysqueirdo

This is Polo Heysqueirdo

Polo Heysqueirdo is married to his beautiful wife Marcela of 5 years and father to his 7 month old daughter Camila. The both of them painstakingly put up with his addiction to anything tech in the world.

Self bred geek who stumbled across his hidden addiction 8 yrs ago once he put his hands on a computer. In the process of getting his degree in Networking Engineering and goal of becoming a CCNA he is currently employed as a Pharmacy Technician during the day at night and on the weekends he becomes a troll on Google+.

He tinkers with hardware and usually voids warranties. He runs a public music server called subsonic that he shares with the online world.

Quick Stats:
Enjoys hugging his bro-friend Ryan Mills. Can fix almost anything. Mexican. Can make awkward situation happen anywhere. Sounds like a white guy.

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