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Comparisons! Comparisons! Comparisons!

1 Jun

You want comparisons you got it! Knuckle up because it’s gonna we’re gonna find out who ends out on top!

We have an amazing lineup today with three amazing devices.

  1. The Fisher Price Chatter Telephone
  2. Nexus S
  3. Bumble Bee Celly
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Apple’s Siri and Google’s Voice Input violating a patent?

25 Apr

Today, out of nowhere a suit was filed against practicably every mobile device manufacturer on the face of the planet. Those included are Google, Apple, Microsoft, HTC, Samsung, Sony, and Motorola. The reason behind it? Voice input.

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Path: THE Mobile Social Network

4 Apr

I know, like some Android users out there it is one social network after another. Between Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and countless amounts of other social “crapworks” why would we want to introduce another? Well, because it works and it works pretty darn well.

Path for Android helps mobile users connect and also keep track of daily events, and also helps you share it with others. Unlike Facebook it will not make your eyes bleed, and different than Google+, not just anyone will find you. Path’s simplicity is what makes the application work with ease, and helps you feel at home. Oh, and did I mention theuser interface is fantastic? . . . Ok, well. It’s FANTASTIC!

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Exfm, Pandora for the Hipster in you

15 Mar

Are you a closet Hipster? Are you tired of Pandora’s lack of variety? may be the app you’ve been waiting for. With features such as an extension for Chrome, apps for iOS/Android, and embedded players for sites this little socially networked media streamer is full of win.

I’ve been using this app (android) for several months now and I have to say it’s a good alternative to the other internet radio streamers out there (, slacker, iheartradio).

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Five Reasons Why Google Should Buy Valve Corp

9 Mar

It’s one of those “you wish…” scenarios, I would love to give you a better preface, but face it, you are going “oh snap!” in your head

1. A perfect fit for Google Play

Rename Steam to Google Play and suddenly, you have a huge established platform for Google to install various things onto your PC/Mac/Linux


2. A new community for G+

Steam has a large community of tech/gaming enthusiasts, merge it with G+ and you have a larger community that has a lot of things in common

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The end of an era….

8 Mar

Excuse me if I get just a little giddy while typing this out, but it stood to happen eventually. After years DECADES of iFanboys sitting in their thrones of condescension Apple has failed. Not in the iPad 2s, er 3 . . . HD? … fuck it! They have failed in the sense that they allowed a network provider “strong arm” them in to adding a tiny icon next to their name. AT&T made Apple add the “4G” emblem next to their network tag on the notification bar on iOS 5.1.

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PSP Vita too much, too late….

8 Mar

Sony finally releases the PSP “Vita” to the North American market, but is it too much too late?

 As most of the world knows the hand-held gaming market has been dominated by one name alone, Nintendo. Now as tech moves to a more mobile platform we now see gaming moving to tablets and cellular devices across the board.

 Though the device itself is very appealing is very appealing boasting an ARM Cortex A9, a sleek 5 inch OLED touch scree, dual cameras (front and rear 0.3mp) and wifi and 3G flavors. Removing its renowned XMB interface with an all entirely new UI and taking notes from the mobile market it has “enhanced” its layout with a more friendly look. Giving you a bubbly friendly interface which is fully interactive.

 I had a chance to play with a demo device at a Target store the device was just as any other PSP model before it, a very solid feeling device. I will give it to Sony they sure know how to make a sexy device feel sexy in  your hands and the screen is breath taking with vibrant colors. Though it was really weird trying to navigate the UI after some time it became pretty cool to play with. “Peeling” away unused apps/games from your screen was a neat feature.

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