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Instant communication gratification, Friend or Foe?

27 Apr

These days the information superhighway is vast and unending. The need to instantly relay information has become an everyday way of life. Jumping from one fast form to the next. Light speed a complete unadulterated instantaneous explosion of connection that begs the question “how safe is it?”

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Five Reasons Why Google Should Buy Valve Corp

9 Mar

It’s one of those “you wish…” scenarios, I would love to give you a better preface, but face it, you are going “oh snap!” in your head

1. A perfect fit for Google Play

Rename Steam to Google Play and suddenly, you have a huge established platform for Google to install various things onto your PC/Mac/Linux


2. A new community for G+

Steam has a large community of tech/gaming enthusiasts, merge it with G+ and you have a larger community that has a lot of things in common

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