Instant communication gratification, Friend or Foe?

27 Apr

These days the information superhighway is vast and unending. The need to instantly relay information has become an everyday way of life. Jumping from one fast form to the next. Light speed a complete unadulterated instantaneous explosion of connection that begs the question “how safe is it?”

In days where cloud computing is the norm. Where having a thought one moment and instantly being able to transmit it with the masses is so 60 seconds ago, we find ourselves moving more quickly than ever. But, is it safe?

Email for example. Once the complete oasis of future technology, now takes a backseat to social networking, text, instant messaging, hangouts, etc. So much so that you almost utilize your email simply to sync contacts or have a place to send all the stuff you don’t ever feel like reading. Spam, coupons, email offers, or email. Before you know it you have 4000 emails sitting in your inbox, all there because at one point or another you have given the sender information about yourself. Intimate details of the people you know, products you buy, sites you visit, erotic pleasures, hearts desires. Think about it.

Now, what if this medium of information is bulldozed, placed in the wrong hands, or hacked? Now every business contact, personal contact and they are receiving emails FROM YOU regarding a sale on Viagra.

Who is fighting this? Who is the most secure; Gmail, Yahoo, or AOL? Where do you go to protect your information from leaving your inbox? How much protection could even the best of the best offer? Also, among the junk what else do you send to your email?
It is one thing for a hacker to find your Amazon Receipts and junk mail….it is quite another for them to make password determinations to your private PC. The last time I checked, hackers don’t hack to filter through your junk mail. What can we do?

You can start by creating intricate password sequences that you do not utilize for other important information. Make them difficult. Recognize that every time you enter your email address (even to the most secure sites out there) that you are recognizing the potential risk of leaked information. Be your own best advocate. If you are searching something that you would not tell your own best friend about, than maybe that is not something you want to tell a thing that could potentially be your greatest enemy.

Information and access to it has always been the human races greatest strength and greatest weakness. Be responsible in how you use it. Because as simple as it may seem…it could certainly cause a lot of grief to undo.


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