Exfm, Pandora for the Hipster in you

15 Mar

Are you a closet Hipster? Are you tired of Pandora’s lack of variety? ex.fm may be the app you’ve been waiting for. With features such as an extension for Chrome, apps for iOS/Android, and embedded players for sites this little socially networked media streamer is full of win.

I’ve been using this app (android) for several months now and I have to say it’s a good alternative to the other internet radio streamers out there (last.fm, slacker, iheartradio).


If you’re the type of person to be “in the know” about those undiscovered bands Exfm brings a variety of music that most Scenester/Hipsters crave. Along with über Indie music, genres such as pop, punk, electronica, and hip-hop are included as well.

As you can see in the screenshot the interface is very nice. exfm keeps it simple and easy to navigate around while jamming to your favorite tunes. The “Trending” section brings you all your popular tunes from any genre selected.

For the music freak in you that wants to be in the latest or the most indie of indie music. The “Explore” section will bring you to a different world of music.

Now if you aspire to show your friends how cool you are and open them up to new tunes. The “Tastemaker” is what it’s all about. My good friend Kirsty Lawyer known in the Android Community as THE Dubstep Connoisseur is aspiring to be one.

We live in a socially driven world where we want everyone to know what we do and when it happens so exfm integrates this as well. With social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, tumblr and Last.fm(for scrobbling purposes). As you listen and post your tunes to the world you will create a gathering of followers and they can to share in your world of music.

So if you’re looking for new tunes or just would like a change from the norm of everyday internet streamer I suggest you try exfm and let your ears do the res.


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