The end of an era….

8 Mar

Excuse me if I get just a little giddy while typing this out, but it stood to happen eventually. After years DECADES of iFanboys sitting in their thrones of condescension Apple has failed. Not in the iPad 2s, er 3 . . . HD? … fuck it! They have failed in the sense that they allowed a network provider “strong arm” them in to adding a tiny icon next to their name. AT&T made Apple add the “4G” emblem next to their network tag on the notification bar on iOS 5.1.

There would be no problem with this, if the actual signal you were receiving was of “4G” speeds here in the US. Well, it isn’t. It is actually quite low for even HSPA+ standards, but when you are AT&T I guess you’re allowed preferential treatment in Cupertino (At least now).

Who will be next? Will Verizon get a red iPhone? Will Sprint get them to build them an iPhone with more rubber? Is Tim Cook REALLY the best dressed man in tech? The answers are most likely no.

(The truth part – Not so giddy)

The truth is Apple will do whatever they want (or whoever will pay more). If Apple found a reason to add the 4G emblem next to the network tag than why not? Even if the reason was to satisfy a client, in the grand scheme of things Apple has to appease all of its customers… even if one of them is a network provider.


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