7 Mar

Welcome to TechDirtyTo.Me. We are happy to be here, spouting out opinions on whatever epic things / trash that hit the paper about technology! We aren’t here to make sponsors happy or here to be unbiased and “fair”. We are here because we love Technology…todays tech, tomorrow’s tech and yesterdays tech…because it helps us track the progress of the topic we love… as much as anyone can. So much love, that we need to get it out of our heads and on to this site.

TDTM will be here to give you our opinions on everything. We will also give you news, rumor, reviews or anything we see fit. Why? Because we want to have fun with this…

So, enjoy yourselves as much as we enjoy you reading our site, and if you have any concerns or problems with the site PLEASE leave them with our editor here.


Today’s Staff:


This is Ryan Mills

Ryan Mills is a family man, who likes to annoy his lovely wife of 5 years (Kristen) to death with his love of technology. He has two beautiful children, Andrew (oldest) and Adalynn (youngest). Andrew ( Which constantly gets typed as Android), is right behind his dad on the geek scale, Adalynn is closing in on both of them. Ryan, has an Associate Degree in IT Computer Networking Systems and is co-founder of TDTM. He also runs a small business called RAM Solutions out of Tampa, FL. He is well-trained in the art of trolling and loves to feed his kind when possible to feel needed, and will usually troll without warning.

Quick Stats: Loves long walks on the beach with Polo Heysquierdo. You can find him almost 24/7 on Google+ and is a self-proclaimed “Googler” (Sounds like a creeper if you ask me). Also will eat anything… ANNNYYYTTTHHHING, drinks alcohol  and enjoys social gatherings OPPOSITE of the party kind.


This is Polo Heysquierdo

Polo Heysquierdo is your ordinary Mexican to most people. Online he is the geek enthusiast who constantly talks about nothing.

Married to his beautiful wife Marcela of 5 years and father to his 7 month old daughter Camila. The both of them painstakingly put up with his addiction to anything tech in the world.

Self bred geek who stumbled across his hidden addiction 8 yrs ago once he put his hands on a computer. In the process of getting his degree in Networking Engineering and goal of becoming a CCNA he is currently employed as a Pharmacy Technician during the day at night and on the weekends he becomes a troll on Google+.

He tinkers with hardware and usually voids warranties. He runs a public music server called subsonic that he shares with the online world.

Quick Stats:
Enjoys hugging his bro-friend Ryan Mills. Can fix almost anything. Mexican. Can make awkward situation happen anywhere. Sounds like a white guy.


This is Xiwei Ying

Xiwei Ying is TDTM’s “token Asian guy”, he single-handedly gives this site credibility. Xiwei and his wife Rachel are both tech nuts, and love spreading their love with their daughters Elly and Abby. When Xiwei is on his tablet on the couch watching Dr.Who, so are his daughters. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Xiwei has been in the Android modding community since the beginning of the HTC Dream days and loves to root on command. He is also an avid gamer and loves watching the MLG (Nerd). On his spare time he likes to contact Ryan Mills and leave emotional voice mails only to realize they will be posted publicly online. You can find Xiwei on Google+.

Quick Stats: He settled in the Americas after his travels with David Cardamine from Kung fu where he learned the art of Tai-Chi from monastery monks. Because of the time clash no one really knows his age. Some are to believe that he may be a Highlander or Asian terminator sent to the future to destroy.


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