iPad3? Nexus Tab? Who the Fuck Cares!

7 Mar

Apparently all the hipsters in Starbucks care, those millions of hipsters will flock to Apple store to get this piece of “post-pc” epicdom. Those worshipper of the iPad will find the tablet to be the savior for their mundane daily lives. Checking their bank statements, reading their e-mails, play games, it will be revolutionary!


Except.. who the fuck cares!? Microsoft has released a full and nearly completed version of Windows 8 for average tech Joes to check it out. Just happened that they call it “Windows 8 Consumer Preview”. And you know what? It’s a real OS on the go.

Untitled2 Untitled

Yes, Android and iOS has dominated the tablet/mobile market space in the last few years. With Windows 8, Microsoft is fighting back. I had the opportunity to play with Russell “the love muscle” Holly’s Windows 8 powered tablet, and it was the most comfortable I’ve been with a tablet. Appstore? Play Store? How about the World Wide Web, the REAL thing, not these “mobile web” interfaces.





Now obviously, in order for Windows the succeed, they need to really focus on the hardware. Hipsters have come to expect super thin phones, super nice screens (retina displays? what the fuck were we doing the last 20 years with PC monitors?) and great battery life…

Battery life…


Ba.. duck Android on tablets too!


One Response to “iPad3? Nexus Tab? Who the Fuck Cares!”

  1. CMD March 7, 2012 at 3:22 PM #

    Are you kidding? x86 tablets are too power hungry and Win 8 on ARM will have next to no apps compared with the huge already established Android and iOS app stores. And who the hell wants a massive 20GB dinosaur system on their tablet, that needs antivrus and regular reinstalls?

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